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wabagoo asked: I see you're using black gouache! I'm curious, is there any particular reason why you use it rather than straight up ink?


Ah, yes, actually! I’ve found that black gouache produces much better results when laying down flat areas of black. If mixed properly and allowed to dry, there aren’t any issues with overlapping brushstrokes/thicknesses of paint.  Also, it isn’t absorbed as much as ink is into the paper because of its composition, leaving a thick opaque layer of pigment on the papers surface. This provides a very solid, matte black that absorbs the most light and is great for pieces that you want a lot of contrast in!! Woo! 
(so for this project, which is a celestial map illustration, it’s perfect ^-^ )

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Sneak peek of my latest illustration! 
(black gouache and micron on bristol)

Sneak peek of my latest illustration! 

(black gouache and micron on bristol)

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Mudbox hippo sculpt in progress!!! :)

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More programs and brochures for banquets!!

Christian Student Fellowship (CSF) Benefit Dinner Program
Engineering World Health (EWH) Benefit Dinner Program (inside only)

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Anonymous asked: your cubist self-portraits, while not cubist, are AWESOME!


Hahaha Oy yeah I know they’re not actually cubist, it was just assigned after we talked about cubism and abstraction and whatnot! Also thank you very much ^-^

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Quick and simple EWH informational brochure…very similar to my last two

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Invitation design for EWH Formal Benefit Dinner

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Turntable view of my ood!

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Ood with still a lot of work to do, but it was due today, so here’s what I turned in! I’m going to keep working on it to get more texture in and paint it (eventually)

Mudbox, 2014

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inverted sketchbook drawing i found on my computer today!

inverted sketchbook drawing i found on my computer today!

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Fundraising flyers for EWH Summer Institute!

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Cubist self portraits : 1. Curved lines only 2. Straight lines only 3. Combination of curved/straight lines

Black gouache and Micron pen on white bristol

The FACE, Spring 2014

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Continuous line observational self portraits (Micron)

The FACE, Spring 2014

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Summer Institute Brochure for EWH

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